What is Fraud?

According to the UT Austin Fraud Policy (HOP 3-1021: Suspected Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities), dishonest or fraudulent activities may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following situations whether in tangible, paper or digital form as applicable:

  • Misappropriation of University property or other fiscal irregularities.
  • Forgery or inappropriate alteration of checks, drafts, promissory notes, or securities.
  • Forgery or inappropriate alteration of employee benefit or salary-related items such as time sheets, billings, claims, surrenders, assignments, or changes in beneficiary.
  • Forgery or inappropriate alteration of records relating to health.
  • Forgery or inappropriate alteration of student-related items such as grades, transcripts, loans, or fee/tuition documents.
  • Forgery or falsification of any official University document.
  • Misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies, or any other state asset.
  • Illegal or fraudulent handling or reporting of money transactions.
  • Acceptance or solicitation of any gift, favor, or service that might reasonably tend to influence the employee in the discharge of his or her official duties.
  • Willful and unauthorized destruction of records, furniture, fixtures, or equipment.


Protection from Retaliation

It is the policy of the University of Texas at Austin not to retaliate against those who report suspected wrongdoing.  See HOP 3-1022 Protection from Retaliation for Suspected Misconduct Reporting (Whistleblower).


Other Resources

Visit the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) website to learn more.

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